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Parents of Multi-Racial children

Children of our future

Parents of Multi-racial Kids
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This community is for all of those that have multi-racial children.

Each year, more and more mixed children are born. There was a recent study that said every one in ten births was of a mixed race, bi-racial, or multi-racial child.

This community was made to offer advice, support and friendship to other parents out there.

As of right now, it is open to everyone. But should there be any nastiness or rudeness I will close the community off. I dont want to be harsh and be mean, and would really like to keep the community open so that everyone can learn and share and offer support, but i will NOT put up with racist attitudes. I will do whatever i have to do to make the members of this community feel comfortable in posting. If that means closing it off and making people apply, then i will do that. If that means banning people. I WILL do that.

If you as a member have ANY problems, please let me know ASAP.

So lets be nice.

If you do not believe that people of different races should have children, then this community is NOT for you. No need to join.


I hate to sound harsh, but people have to deal with discrimation about their children enough as it is and don't need to find it here.

I do not mind community promos, however either put them behind LJ-cut tags if that is all you are posting. This community isnt set up for promos. It was created so families can get advice from other families and other people that have gone through like type experiences.

Any questions or problems please contact me littlepaleangel or at littlepaleangel@livejournal.com OR you can contact jazminda or at jazminda @ livejournal.com

Thanks and enjoy.

WEBSITES OF INTEREST If you have any to add just let me know.

Mixed Mama.org What is great about this is that it is also connected to a yahoo group.
Interracial family resources
For Mothers of Mixed Children
Biracial kids links
Center for the Study of Biracial Children
Links to books for children about being bi/multiracial
Tips for Buying present of bi/multiracial children
For single parents of biracial children
The mixed race community
For Parents in Central Ohio with bi/multiracial children
Good hair tips
Guide to understanding your biracial or multiracial child's hair