Luthien (irenes) wrote in multiracialkids,

Hair help?

My son is just about to be one. I am white and my husband is black. He is the most adorable little man you will ever see. He has soft, curly hair, which we have mostly left alone. I used to comb it out after baths but there was never really any need. It was short enough that it didn't really tangle and he always objected to the combing process (because he doesn't like to have to sit still) so we have mostly just left his hair alone. Alas, it has finally gotten to a length where it needs to be combed, I tried to comb it after his bath tonight and it was knotty and he was REALLY unhappy about (I was combing it with a wide toothed comb). I plan to buy some baby detangler and I'm sure that will help out - but do any of you have any other words of wisdom? I do NOT want to cut it yet. I want to let it grow out and be all beautiful and floofy for a while!

Here's a recent picture so you can get an idea of what his hair is like:
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